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OAJRC Material science. 2019;1(1):2


Try to Analyze The Driving Force of 3D Printing Technology

Victor D. Wilson, Catherine L. Kozhevnikov

Coppin Center for Organic Synthesis, Department of Natural Sciences, Coppin State University, Baltimore, USA.

Published: 18 January 2019


This paper analyzes the development history and current situation of 3D printing technology, which is known as the core technology of the "third industrial revolution". It shows that the material is the material basis of 3D printing technology, and focuses on the current use of 3D printing technology. Several main materials and requirements for materials used in 3D printing technology point out the driving effect of 3D printing technology on the development of materials science and some problems in it. Finally, some development trends of materials science and future are discussed and explored. Forward direction. I hope to further contribute to the development of 3D printing technology and materials science, thus further promoting the development and progress of society.

Keywords: 3D printing; material science; existing problems; promotion; development trend

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Wilson VD., Kozhevnikov CL.. Try To Analyze The Driving Force of 3D Printing Technology. OAJRC Material science. 2019;1(1):2;

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