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About Damray

Damray is the academic publishing division of the Open Access Journal Research Center. The institution's headquarter is in the UK and its research covers a wide range of fields, including natural science and humanities publishing, and also big data research. Its open access journal integration platform will focus on hosting and displaying open access journals, strengthening the academic communication function of scientific journals, promoting the transformation of scientific research results [...] Read more.

Our team members and consultants are talent from well-known universities like Cambridge University, University College London, Bath University, University of California, Peking University, Central South University, etc. Headquartered in London, Damray is a global business, with branches in China and the US. We are equipped with the best minds in science and technology, aiming to establish leading-edge platforms and promote the most advanced knowledge sharing platforms worldwide.

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  • Open Access, Article

    Human Boxing Motion Prediction Using Neural Networks

    Jifei Liang


    Numerous thoughts that were previously deemed inconceivable have become a reality as a result of decades of technical progress and improvement. While flying automobiles are still in the far future, artificial intelligence that can predict your next move is rapidly approaching. Human motion prediction is a relatively new area of active research that is interesting for it’s potential of improving robot’s and other machinery’s ability to work with human, such as passing objects to human, and ..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Computer Networking 2022;1(2):54-60;


    Published on 29 November,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Application of Artificial Intelligence in Information Communication

    Xingxing Wang


    With the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of information technology, people's demand for intelligent, automated and other high-tech technologies is getting higher and higher. Artificial intelligence is a new industry, which can not only solve some complex problems, but also improve the efficiency and quality of work, with good generality and flexibility. At the same time, the application area of artificial intelligence is very wide and promising. Computer technology is..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Computer Networking 2022;1(2):50-53;


    Published on 29 November,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Combinatorial Games and Algorithmic Calculations Using Chess

    Zhida Yin


    Combinatorial games like chess and checkers are two-player strategy games like chess and checkers, containing simple moves that can result in many different variations. These variations have different strategic points to take note of, for example, the placement of the pieces. The abstract placement is the most important aspect of combinatorial games, as they mark the starting point for strategy. Games like chess have computer engines that calculate every single move and response to make a con..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Computer Networking 2022;1(2):45-49;


    Published on 29 November,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Emergency Broadcasting System Based on Cable Digital Network and Communication 4G Network

    Qingming Li


    Emergency broadcasting refers to the most effective means for the government and relevant departments to convey early warning information or appropriate post-disaster response information to the public when major natural disasters, emergencies, public health and social security and other emergencies occur, and it plays an important role in the field of communication. With the rapid development of science and technology, cable digital network system and mobile communication 4G network has been..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Computer Networking 2022;1(2):40-44;


    Published on 29 November,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    Counter Based Hardware Resource Reduction for FIMA SystemVerilog Assertion Checker

    Maoyu Mao


    Nowadays checker synthesis for assertion based verification becomes popular because of the recent progress on the FPGA prototyping environment. Several works have been proposed to synthesize assertion checkers on FPGA based emulation and FIMA-based (Finite Input Memory Automaton based) method is one of such works. FIMA-based method uses a finite input-memory automaton using finite input queue (shift-register chain) to transform SVAs to hardware checkers for FPGA prototyping. FIMA-based method..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Computer Networking 2022;1(2):28-39;


    Published on 29 November,2022

  • Open Access, Article

    How Can Traffic Engineering Assist Bicycle Movement in Urban Areas?

    Yuchu Liu


    As cities get more and more congested with vehicles, people start to realise the negative effects this creates, and many start to examine cycling, which did not get much attention in the past, as a choice for travelling within a city. Major problems faced by cyclists and those who wish to cycle is safety risks and undesirable experience. A Separated cycle lane is a widely applied approach for decreasing the risk of cycles colliding with motorised traffic, and it has been shown that such a pra..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Engineering & Technology 2022;1(2):56-59;


    Published on 28 November,2022

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