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Reflections on Music Education and Music Aesthetics

Rong Jin

Tianjin Media College, Tianjin 301901, China.

*Corresponding author: Rong Jin

Published: 26 October 2022 How to cite this paper


The beauty of music is displayed through the framework of music works, which constitutes a music education concept with music appreciation and music aesthetics as the central idea, including cultural psychological conception, ethical conception, intellectual conception, aesthetic ability and construction ability training. In music education, music must take beautiful things as the object of its own research, and cultivate people into the embodiment of truth, kindness and beauty. Music educators who have been engaged in education for a long time should train students' learning awareness and interest when students' music education is in the period of enlightenment. Among them, the cultivation of creativity and imagination is crucial. While enriching students' creativity and imagination on music, it can also speed up students' control of music skills and improve their comprehensive quality.

KEYWORDS: Music education, Music aesthetics, creative ability, imagination, reflection


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How to cite this paper

Rong Jin. Reflections on Music Education and Music Aesthetics. OAJRC Social Science, 2022, 3(3), 227-230.

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