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The Strategy of the Revitalization of Shandong Rural Culture by the Country Party

Yong Liu1,*, Lin Liu1, Tao Wang2

1Taishan college, Shangdong, China.

2Xinyuan baby kindergarten, Tai’an, Shangdong, China.

*Corresponding author: Yong Liu

Published: September 29,2022 How to cite this paper


The Country Party shows the spirit of the new era and cultural pursuit of farmers. The Country Party in Shandong shows the happy life of Shandong farmers and the villagers’ sense of gain, sounding the horn of the times of rural revitalization in Shandong, excavating and inheriting Qilu culture, leading the countryside to continue to set out to happiness. Through the Country Party, it enables to power the revitalization of the strategy of Shandong rural culture strategy and the exploration of the path. The rural revitalization strategy is a major strategy of the Country Party. Promoting the revitalization of rural culture is an inevitable requirement for rebuilding the confidence of rural culture. It is of practical significance to build the brand of rural culture and fully displays the cultural self-confidence of rural areas under the background of rural revitalization in the new era. The Country Party enables the revitalization of rural culture in Shandong province.

KEYWORDS: Country Party, the revitalization of rural culture, strategy


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How to cite this paper

Yong Liu, Lin Liu, Tao Wang. The Strategy of the Revitalization of Shandong Rural Culture by the Country Party. OA Journal of Economy and Management, 2022, 1(2), 103-106.

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