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Literature Review of Hospice Care Research in China

Chen Chen

Northwest University of Politics & Law, Xi'an 710122, China.

*Corresponding author: Chen Chen

Published: September 20,2022 How to cite this paper


Under the background of the accelerating social aging process and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, hospice care service is crucial to improving the overall quality of life of the people. In view of this, this paper combed the research on hospice care based on the systematic literature review method, and found that the existing research results are mainly focused on two aspects: one is the introductory study on hospice care abroad; the other is the localization study of hospice care in China. Although the current exploration of hospice care has achieved rich results, some research areas still need to be further improved. Therefore, a macro and systematic grasp of the current research status quo is conducive to providing reference value and enlightenment for the future development prospects of the research field.

KEYWORDS: Hospice Care, Systematic Literature Review, Development Prospects


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