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Big Data Algorithm Ethics and Its Governance

Zhiqiang Ji

Ningbo Ruitu Enterprise Management Consulting Partnership (Limited partnership), 430073, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.

*Corresponding author: Zhiqiang Ji

Published: September 5,2022 How to cite this paper


Data-driven Internet, artificial intelligence and other emerging industries, as important engines of future national economic and social development, are devel-oping vigorously in China. At present, there are also frequent problems in data security and privacy protection. So far, the main way of algorithm governance is the algorithm recommendation, namely through the obtained pipe data to rec-ommend related object, in order to achieve the purpose of governance. algorithm recommendation mainly based on content, based on collaborative filtering and mixed recommendations, etc., but in complex social governance practice, algorithm governance often fail, the reason is that algorithm failure, algorithm injustice and algorithm discrimination, and thus caused a series of algorithm governance ethical problems. To get out of the ethical dilemma of algorithmic governance, it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between theory, technology and people, that is, to use theory to "discipline" people, to serve the development of people with technology, and to treat people as real people, so as to ensure the safety of human beings. At the same time, the country attaches great importance to the development of big data and the governance of related ethical issues. In order to further promote the open and sharing of data at the industry and national level, it is urgent to increase the governance of data ethics issues, improve data quality, protect data security, respect personal privacy, and protect individual rights and interests. This paper mainly introduces the dimensions and problems of big data ethics, and puts forward the governance of big data ethics to provide reference for the development of big data.

KEYWORDS: Big Data, Algorithm, Ethics


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How to cite this paper

Zhiqiang Ji. Big Data Algorithm Ethics and Its Governance. OAJRC Social Science, 2022, 3(1), 73-76.

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